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We hope to compete in the first ever Dancesport competition at the Olympics, thus our team's name "Olympic Hopefuls of Brooklyn College". The official governing body of Dancesport, the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF), has been fighting for inclusion in the Olympics as a medal sport for several years. Inclusion is a hard goal to achieve because of the preconceived notion that dance is a social, not athletic, endeavor. However, modern Ballroom/Latin dancing embraces the artistry and athleticism of dance via competition.

On September 2001, Brooklyn College inaugurated the Olympic Hopefuls Ballroom Dance Program. Training, costumes, and travel to and from competitive events are very expensive. Therefore, the program was designed to attract highly motivated, competitive ballroom dancers who wanted a college education but have been unable to juggle a demanding class schedule and competitive training and competition schedule. Students who joined the program are guaranteed priority with registration and scholarships. We wanted our student dancers to develop their special talent and give them every opportunity to succeed.

Although we no longer offer scholarships to our team members, we still have a dedicated team of dancers who strive to be the best on the dance floor and in the classroom.

Read about us in the New York Times.

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OHBC Ballroom Dance Team
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OHBC Ballroom Dance Team